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Timeline available for return to in-person learning

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In partnership with the San Juan Teachers Association, San Juan Unified has reached an agreement to reduce the amount of time that Sacramento County must be in the red tier of the state’s COVID-19 risk assessment system and commit to a return date for grades TK-6 if our progress toward the red tier stalls. 

Under the new agreement, all grade levels will be provided with the option to return to in-person learning in a hybrid format five days after Sacramento County moves into the red tier. Should Sacramento County’s recent rapid progress toward the red tier not continue, students in TK-5 and self-contained 6th grade classrooms will be offered the option to return to in-person learning starting April 5. 

Following required state guidance, students in 6th grade classes that switch classes and students in grades 7 through 12 are able to return to in-person learning only once the county is in the red tier for 5 days. To ensure adequate preparation time, if Sacramento County enters the red tier during the district’s spring break (March 29 - April 2) these students would be able to return to in-person instruction starting April 12. Special education centers and programs will communicate the specific dates and details related to the transition timeline. 

“We are encouraged by recent progress in the health metrics that show us on track to move into that red tier in the coming weeks,” said Superintendent Kent Kern. “Having this new agreement in place moves us closer to welcoming our students and staff back to the classroom.”

The earliest Sacramento County could reach the red tier is March 16 and the agreement requires teachers are given at least a 14-day notice prior to being called back to in-person instruction. Given the continued improvement in Sacramento County COVID-19 case numbers and decline in testing positivity rates, the district provided all staff with the required minimum 14-day notice as of today. This will ensure that should the County reach the red tier prior to spring break, students at all grade levels would be able to return to in-person learning. 

Regardless of the tier we are in, the district has a return date set for TK-5 and self-contained 6th grade classrooms, and schools and staff members will be shifting into welcome mode. Families should expect communications from their schools in the coming weeks detailing in-person orientation events for students, virtual orientations for parents and guardians, and a welcome back packet filled with safety information. 

Students choosing to return to in-person learning will be served in a hybrid model to meet state capacity restrictions. Students will be assigned to group A or B. On Mondays and Tuesdays, group A will attend in-person in the morning while group B and those who remain in distance learning will receive remote instruction in the afternoon. On Thursdays and Fridays, the schedule repeats but with group B attending in person in the morning. Families choosing to remain in distance learning will be assigned to group C.

Starting March 8, Wednesdays will remain asynchronous learning days for all grade levels through the end of the month. As exact start dates are finalized, more information will be communicated regarding any additional asynchronous days.

If Sacramento County enters the Red Tier on…. then Early Childhood Education (infant/toddler and preschool) return to in-person on... then K-5 & Self-Contained 6th Grade return to in-person on... Departmentalized 6th Grade, Grades 7-12 and Special Education Centers return to in-person on...
March 16 April 5 March 22 March 22
March 23 April 12 April 5 April 5
March 30 April 12 April 5 April 12
April 6 April 12 April 5 April 12
Anytime after April 6 April 12 April 5 5 days after County enters Red Tier