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Recreating Famous Photographs

Grace As Malala H! My name is Ava Poochie; I’m a junior at Unschool, and I’m interested in photography and have been since I was just a kid. When I was eight, my dad gave me a blue Nikon point and shoot camera and I would sneak it into school to take photos of my friends on the field at recess.

The fall of my junior year, I came up with the idea of recreating photos of four impactful people and photographed students at Unschool who looked similar to the people I chose. I titled the project Recreating Famous Photographs. I chose Malala Yousafzai, Martin Luther, Jane Goodall, and Steve Jobs. To be resourceful, I used what was laying around for props and outfits for the photographs. I also used the photo studio at my school for high quality and purposeful lighting.

I started this project alone, but a few students at Unschool joined in and helped me with the special effects makeup for the photo of Jane Goodall and paired the models to the original photograph. It was a challenging experience to line up the models perfectly to the original photograph, but I’m proud of how it turned out.

I learned to persevere and be flexible when what's expected doesn’t go as planned. Currently, I’m taking portraits of my close family members, including the dogs, to capture memorable moments in places that are meaningful to me.


Thank you! :)