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Boxing at Meraki HS

Boxing has been a big part of my UnSchool experience this year. Our advisor, CT, runs the boxing class and allows all students to attend despite their previous experience.

We start the class at 10:30 AM every Tuesday and the class runs for an hour. CT has also brought a boxer with more experience to some of the classes to coach us and help out. The class starts with stretches and running to warm up and then we work on form. We might do some jump roping or more running then we group up and practice the different types of punches. The way the class runs isn’t always the same and has changed a lot over time.

Boxing has helped me gain goal setting skills and leadership skills. Because I am passionate about boxing, I have become a type of substitute for CT. Whenever he can't make it to the class for some unexpected reason I will step up and run the class for the other students. I am allowed to make the agenda for that hour and can change it however I please or to suit the needs of the students. 

Boxing has really taught more than just how to box. Before CT started the boxing course, I didn’t feel passionate about any of my work, but once I attended and started training I quickly became passionate about boxing. I became excited about boxing and it genuinely made me happier and healthier. Because I’m happier, I’ve put more work into my other projects and have shown an improvement in the quality of my work. I have even incorporated boxing into my projects. My first project I was really proud of was a video I made instructing the basics of boxing. You can find my video on YouTube here: