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D&D Teaches Leadership, Communication and Problem Solving

Teamwork, communication, out of the box thinking, leadership, and problem solving are just a few of many skills that are used in group work. This year, it was discovered that these are the same skills that are practiced and developed while playing Dungeons and Dragons, a tabletop roleplaying game.

In Dungeons and Dragons, players come together with character sheets that describe their characters’ strengths, abilities, and equipment. The Game Master describes the land that the other players are in, whether that be a forgotten crypt, a grassy meadow, a bustling metropolis, or a dragon's lair at the top of the highest mountain in the land. The players then discuss how to proceed, and the Game Master describes how the world reacts to the players. Throughout this story telling process, there are many opportunities to discuss different plans of action. Do players fight the Ogre? Do they try to find a path around it? Do they create a frightening illusion to attempt to scare away the Ogre? Or possibly, will they try to reason with it? All of these options are equally valid and give students a chance to practice teamwork, cooperation, and discussion tactics.

Every Monday, about 18 students gather in the Hub to play Dungeons & Dragons for a couple of hours. Some students set up tables, others bring out the books, mats and other materials that are used during a game. Students who have experience with Dungeons & Dragons often become Game Masters and have the opportunity to lead their own group of players through epic adventures. During these adventures, students can practice communication competencies as well as Personal Qualities competencies. There are also many opportunities to work on competencies outside of the weekly meeting. Students can practice their creative writing while creating the backstory for their characters, or while planning adventures for other players to go through. Dungeons and Dragons has become an amazing opportunity for all students to practice social skills, and achieve school competencies, all while going on epic adventures.