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Meraki Rocks


Music is a big part of student projects here at Meraki. We have students playing music, learning about music, and even writing and performing their own music.

One experience we offer here is School Of Rock. We hold meetings once a week, during which we do anything from covering songs, to writing songs, to just jamming and having some fun. It’s a great experience both for students who have played in bands before, and students who’ve never done anything like it. It’s not like a classic school orchestra either. We play in more of a rock style, with lots of guitar, bass, drums, vocals, piano, and sometimes even saxophones. We play a range of songs, from artists like The Beatles to Metallica. We are even working on writing our own song. It’s a lot of fun, and I would recommend it to any musicians looking to learn how to play along with other people.

We’ve also had multiple classes on music theory and reading sheet music. We’ve discussed  the different clefs, the notes and how to find them on a staff, and most recently, we’ve been going over how to understand the different time values of different notes, such as the whole note, half note, and quarter note. Before taking this class, I didn’t know anything about reading sheet music or music theory, but now I know where all of the notes sit on each staff, and how to determine what notes are played and how long you hold them.

Those aren’t the only opportunities to explore music at Meraki, of course. You may notice students playing songs at exhibitions, or kids listening to music as they work, or even guitar classes for beginners. It’s clear that all forms of music are involved greatly in the community here.


~Xander L.