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A letter from the food drive coordinator to Schweitzer volunteers

[Dear Schweitzer Elementary],

The final results for the Kids Cans drive are in the books! On behalf of the KCRA 3 and the Sacramento Food Bank, of which our  St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) food locker is a subsidiary (Neighborhood Food Agency Network 5), I  just wanted to thank you, the Kiwanis Kids organization, the staff and students of Sweitzer Elementary school for an incredibly outstanding job! From seven elementary schools in the area and Barrett middle school, our food bank gathered over 3 tons (6394lbs) of non-perishables of which Schweitzer Elementary led the way with 1156 lbs. worth of non-perishable foods!!! Our most productive food drive in over three years.

The food your school donated will help us to get through the long winter months, when fresh produce is greatly reduced. Although we do give to homeless individuals and families, the great bulk of our donated groceries (over 97%) goes to low income families, who are just scraping by from month to month to remain in their apartments or dwellings. We continue to think and hope that by distributing this food, we are greatly helping to reduce the number of homeless people in the area, some of which may be the families of your very own students.


Thank you once again for your great help! Please give our thanks to all who assisted in this community building endeavor.


Most Sincerely,

Tom Henderson

SVdP Food Locker Coordinator 


Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Visit PTA Page


To raise funds for:  events, fieldtrips, programs, and a new school sign

Sale Start: September 20

Order Forms & Money Due: October 8


Delivery of Items: Last week of October

Write Checks To: Albert Schweitzer PTA

GREAT PRIZES for earners! BONUS DRAWING for every 3 items sold ($50)!


Image of prizes for cookie dough sales

Daytime Show: October 3 

Evening Show: October 3 at 6pm

Auditions: Tuesday, September 17 at 3:30pm in Room 24


Volunteers Needed:

  • Auditions
  • Rehearsal
  • Performance Night

Contact: E-Mail Teacher Christina Croshal



Thank You to Local Volunteers!


A BIG WILDCAT THANK YOU to local volunteers who continued to kicking off the 2019-2020 school year right! Members of First Baptist Church of Fair Oaks donated numerous school supplies for all students to enjoy. All they asked last spring was that teachers submit a wish-list. This is the third year First Baptist of Fair Oaks has supported our young learners. THANK YOU!


In addition, Carmichael Kiwanis not only sponsors our Schweitzer chapter of the K-Kids, but also supported our teachers by providing breakfast during a planning day on Tuesday, August 13, 2019. THANK YOU KIWANIS.


More about K-Kids at Schweitzer - View Photos

View Photos of Community Volunteers at Schweitzer



2019-2020 Suggested School Supplies

Please click above to view the PDF document.

A Message from Principal Loper

Dear Schweitzer Families,


On behalf of the staff at Albert Schweitzer Elementary, I am excited to welcome you tothe 2019-2020 school year!  I hope the summer has provided many memorablemoments spent with family and friends. We are looking forward to a productivepartnership with you to ensure your children can achieve their highest potential in all the aspects of school: academics, fine arts and social interactions. 

 Our exceptionally talented and committed staff are preparing their classrooms and a well-balanced curriculum for your children that includes mindfulness activities and field trips  At the same time, a team of about fifteen district custodians came in one week to deep-clean, each classroom from ceiling to floor to provide a clean and healthy learningenvironment. 

 I would like to encourage you to participate/volunteer in our PTA.  PTA organizes anumber of school and family events throughout the year, and works tirelessly to keepyou informed through the PTA shadow box located at the front of the school andthrough weekly newsletters emailed directly to you. As a result of the PTA's work, they have been able to support Schweitzer through the purchase of technology, supporting teachers with supply money and field trips, plays, 5th Grade Outdoor Education program, to name a few, over the past years.  PTA has an ongoing goal to beautify our school and they are on their way with the beautiful garden that was created by the Discovery buildings last spring.   There are also opportunities for parents to be a parent liaison, and become a member of the English Learner Advisory Committee.  Detailed descriptions of these positions will follow in the next couple of weeks. 

Click here to continue reading Principal Loper's Back-to-School Message

San Juan Unified Students Express Creativity at Arts Explosion Summer Camp

San Juan Unified students enrolled in the annual Arts Explosion Creativity Summer Camp spent a whole week in June preparing for a showcase honoring the work of Shel Silverstein-- an American writer known for his cartoons, songs and children’s books.

“Hearing my two girls come home with stories about the different activities and the excitement they have is the best thing,” said Tresa Imahara, a parent and speech pathologist at Albert Schweitzer Elementary School. “My daughters were too shy and nervous to be on stage so this has been a great opportunity for them to be in a theater program but in a smaller group.”

The camp was hosted at Albert Schweitzer by the San Juan Unified Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) department and allowed 47 students grade 1-6 to enjoy a fun-filled week of music, dancing and theater. This year transportation was provided to allow students from across the district easier access to participate.

Students were grouped by grade level and performed songs like Boa Constrictor and poems from “Where the Sidewalk Ends” for their families. On top of performances, families were given the opportunity to view art made by the students, ranging from paintings to ceramics. The big finale was a performance of Louis Armstong’s famous song “What a Wonderful World.”

According to Laurel Lyda, a now-retired program specialist for VAPA and supervisor for Art Explosion, the camp is a way for students to have full exposure to the arts every day, whether it be music, dance, art or drama.


Schweitzer Wins at 2019 SEVA Awards


On May 5th, 2019, Schweitzer Elementary students attended the 30th Annual SEVA awards at Sacramento State University.  The SEVA’s are put on by SECC (Sacramento Educational Cable Consortium).  It gives students from grades K-12 the opportunity to showcase their abilities to make digital media projects and win awards.  It’s like the Oscars for students.  Students got to walk the Red carpet and get interviewed about their video.  Schweitzer entered the Grade 4-6 PSA category.  Schweitzer won the SEVA with their video Just Be You.    The video is about parts of yourself that you may not like, skin color, nose, freckles, etc, however, we should celebrate differences and just be ourselves.  It was a powerful message that resonated with people. 


This was the first year Schweitzer had entered the SEVAs. Congratulations to all the students and 5th Grade teacher Mr. Fanchar!

Click here to view the Schweitzer SEVA Winning Entry