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Dec. 10: Weekly COVID-19 Update

Health metrics continued to move in the wrong direction this week with Sacramento County’s COVID-19 adjusted case rate climbing to 31.6 cases per 100,000 residents as of Wednesday. The greater Sacramento region also fell below 15 percent capacity in the number of intensive care unit beds available at hospitals triggering the state’s Regional Stay Home Order as of Friday morning. 

Impacts of the Regional Stay Home Order

Childcare and P-12 schools are exempt from further restrictions under the new order. Currently operating programs will continue except for athletic conditioning which is being paused effective Friday, Dec. 11. 

School and essential district offices will remain open to the public with minimal staffing through Dec. 18. Families are strongly encouraged to conduct business via phone or scheduled Zoom meetings whenever possible. As a reminder, the use of a face covering is required by all adults and students when on a school campus or visiting a district office unless a valid medical exemption exists. 

COVID-19 Dashboard

The district continues to see a high number of COVID-19 cases impacting students and staff. Active cases are shown on the district’s COVID-19 dashboard. As of Wednesday evening, there were 27 cases where students had tested positive, 32 cases where staff members had tested positive, more than 130 students and more than 50 staff who reported exposures to someone who was COVID-19 positive requiring they quarantine. This week, a short FAQ about the dashboard and its data has been published to help answer common questions. 

Employee Agreements

The district and San Juan Teachers’ Association (SJTA) signed side letters of agreement detailing many duties and supports during the spring semester for SJTA members. This is an important step in helping ensure all staff are prepared to support students in both distance learning and the eventual return to in-person learning. Conversations around the specifics of daily health screenings for students and staff participating in in-person instruction continue. 

The agreements focus on staff member safety, working conditions and supports. Elements that students and families may notice as the agreements are implemented include: 

  • Schools will start at their normally assigned times when in-person learning returns under the hybrid model. 
  • After winter break, all middle and high school teachers will have their cameras on during Zoom instruction. 
  • Wednesday distance learning instruction at all middle and high schools may be revised in response to student need. This will be determined and communicated by each individual school site. 

Moderate and Severe Needs Special Education

The agreements reached this week also extend the in-person learning option for moderate and severe needs special education students served in contained small cohorts after the winter break. The program has been operating successfully since November.