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Board Briefs - June 22, 2021

Here are a few highlights from last night’s board meeting:

Update on the district’s COVID-19 response

Superintendent Kern shared that the district revised its COVID-19 safety protocols to align with new public health guidance. Effective immediately, students and staff are no longer required to wear a face covering outdoors at our schools, regardless of vaccination status. However, face coverings are still required indoors at our schools, regardless of an individual's vaccination status. More details can be found at

School guidance is expected to change again in the coming weeks, as it is anticipated that the California Department of Public Health will align requirements with the new guidance that CDC will be issuing for schools. Once new guidance is issued, staff will review carefully and share what additional changes can be made with both employees and students.

Update on the California Voting Rights Act

San Juan Unified is in the process of changing how Board of Education members are voted and elected into office from an 'at large' election' to 'by-trustee area' elections. 

In March of 2020, the Board of Education unanimously approved a resolution beginning the formal process to move to by-trustee area elections. After an initial presentation and public hearing, Governor Newsom issued executive order N-48-20 in April of 2020 which paused the timeline for the process to protect public health and safety during the pandemic. The board voted to pause the process in compliance with the executive order. 

With Governor Newsom’s executive order pausing such processes due to the COVID-19 pandemic expiring after June 30, the district will resume the transition and complete the process within the legally required timeframe. During a special meeting on July 1, the district’s demographer will review the process and criteria used to develop trustee area maps and the board will hear public input. 

Map options will be made available for review by July 6, and a second special meeting of the board will be held on July 13, providing for a presentation by the demographer on the maps and an opportunity for public input. Community meetings on July 20 and 22, will be held at multiple locations throughout the district, as well as online, offering additional opportunities for input.

The board will hold a final special meeting on July 27, 2021, providing for public hearings before selecting the final map to adopt, and resolution to move on to the County Commission for approval. The County Commission must take action by August 10.  

Visit for additional details, including full timelines and maps, when available.

Board hears report on local indicators on state accountability dashboard

Staff provided a report on the Local Education Agencies (LEA) measurement of progress for the local indicators related to the state accountability dashboard.

Using the approved state standards for the local indicators, districts must annually measure and report their progress at a regularly scheduled board meeting. Results from local measures were presented for the following priorities:

  • Indicator 1: Basic Services (State Priority 1) - Met performance level
  • Indicator 2: Standards Implementation (State Priority 2)  - Met performance level
  • Indicator 3: Parent Engagement (State Priority 3) - Met performance level
  • Indicator 4: School Climate –Students (State Priority 6) - Met performance level
  • Indicator 5: Broad Course of Study (State Priority 7)  - Met performance level

The Fall 2021 State Dashboard, expected to be released in December 2021, will include the local measures.

In other news...

  • The board approved revisions to the 2021-2024 Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).
  • The board adopted the proposed 2021-2022 budget. This year’s budget represents the seventh straight year the district has approved a positive certified budget.
  • The board adopted the tentative agreement with the San Juan Teachers Association. The board also discussed the tentative agreements with the San Juan Professional Educators Coalition, Teamsters Union Local No. 150 and San Juan Supervisors Association. Board action is anticipated on July 1.
  • The board approved the salary schedule adjustments for the San Juan Administrators Association (SJAA), Cabinet, Confidential Group and Unrepresented Specialists. 

A special board meeting on by-trustee area elections will be held on July 1 at 6:30 p.m. Visit for details. You can also view videos of prior board meetings on the district’s YouTube channel at