Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowel

Posted by Lisa Lockmiller on 3/18/2015

This amazing love story is told in the alternating perspectives of Eleanor and Park.  Set in the 1980's this is a story of 16 year old Eleanor, an insecure, slightly overweight, redhead from an abusive home and Park, a quiet, 1/2 Korean boy who is not sure where he fits in at his mostly white town.  Eleanor is the new girl, a train wreck and easy pickings for the school bullies.  Park just wants to blend in and be as unnoticed as possible.  The two begin a reluctant relationship over comic books and music that slowly builds into one of the sweetest romances ever.  Boy will you ever root for these two!  And every girl will wish for her version of Park. 
Dreamworks has recently purchased the movie rights to this book and the author Rainbow Rowell is slated to write the screenplay.  I really hope they get the casting right.
Eleanor and Park book trailer