Boy Nobody by Allen Zadoff

Posted by Lisa Lockmiller on 3/19/2015

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Finally a good book with a male lead!  Female protagonists seem to dominate the YA scene.  Don't get me wrong I love a strong kick butt chick lit book, but it is time for the guys to shine. 

Ben, our leading man, tells his own story.  Other than some dialog, Ben's is the only point of view we hear.  His thoughts become our thoughts.  Quick get-to-the-point sentences, tense descriptions that help build suspense, and action that take readers on a thrill ride.  Part James Bond complete with deadly weapons disguised as innocent objects, part Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot's (or any other great detective) intuition for clues and tells with a Bourne Identity rapid paced plot.  Boy Nobody and Allen Zadoff delivers!  This is a don't-bother-me-until-I-am-done book.

Excellent for those looking for a fast read.  Excellent for reluctant readers  Guys and gals will love Ben's story.  The best part is that the ending is completely unexpected.  Even I didn't see it coming and I usually can.  I loved it!  Sequel is already in my hands and I cannot wait to start. 
Read this book!!!!!! 
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