Read Between the Lines

Posted by Lisa Lockmiller on 5/26/2015 11:00:00 AM

Read Between The Lines by Jo Knowles
Bullied in gym class, Nate breaks his middle finger.  You know, THE finger.  This event, and finger, starts a cascade of interlinking events, revelations, and yes, more one finger salutes.  The characters are interesting, believable, and many are sympathetic to the reader.  It illustrates the many ways that students struggle in school with issues that have nothing to do with academics.  The social landscape that teens struggle with daily is revealed here with compassion and poignancy. 
The title " Read Between the Lines" asks us to look beyond the obvious meaning of the phrase, and to read between the lines of these character's lives as they try to make it through the day, high school and their day to day struggles.