It's time for the Spring Book Fair!

We will be hosting a scholastic book fair in the Library from 4/23/20-5/1/20! There is a huge selection of fun things, school supplies, and of course all of the best and newest novels out there. If you can't make it in, you can also shop online - Click -> Book Fair Homepage and scroll down for the online shopping link, everything ships free to the school! There is also a new feature this year... E-WALLET! Parents, you can load money into your child's E-Wallet so that they can purchase from the Book Fair! The E-Wallet is only compatible with scholastic registers, and saves you the hassle of making sure your kids have cash on them to shop, just load up their e-wallet and they are ready to go! All details on this can also be found on the homepage above. Can't wait to see you all here!