Do schools allow immigration enforcement officials or other government authorities on campus?

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Current federal guidelines deem schools as 'sensitive locations' and restrict immigration enforcement activities on campuses unless there are urgent reasons. You can learn more about sensitive locations on the Immigration and Customs Enforcement website. District staff are monitoring these federal guidelines in case any changes are made. 

School districts have the right to limit the amount of disruption to the learning environment and to ensure the safety of their staff and students, which may include denying an individual from accessing a campus during school hours.

In the unlikely event that ICE or other government authorities decide to pursue immigration-related investigations on school campuses, school staff should follow appropriate district procedures applicable to any visitor on campus including requesting guests to sign-in, provide identification and obtain the appropriate approvals for entry from the site administrator or superintendent. If a government official produces a warrant or court order site administrators should immediately contact legal services at (916) 971-7110. 

School districts that allow non-immigrant, international students (who are in the U.S. under an F-1 or M-1 visa) to enroll in their programs through ICE’s “Student and Exchange Visitor Program” (SEVP) are subject to onsite visits from SEVP officials at any time and must provide officials with certain records on such students. The SEVP, however, does not have the authorization to review the records of students suspected of being undocumented.