Bella Vista’s software and computer science program prepares students for careers

Student looking at cell phone for class activity High schools throughout San Juan Unified offer Career Technical Education (CTE) programs to students. These courses provide hands-on, unpaid training that is designed to prepare them for life after graduation with entry-level, marketable skills.

At Bella Vista High School, students in the Software and Computer Science CTE program utilize tools that help to prepare them for careers focusing on the design, development and implementation of software systems. In the entry-level AP Computer Science Principles class, students focus mostly on computing and the communications that happen behind the scenes.

The course’s most recent lesson was focused on decoding messages, and students were very excited to hear that practicing this involved the use of their cell phones. Instructor Dariu Mois told his students to look at their most recent text message and pick out a word that they wouldn’t find in the dictionary.

Much like the abbreviated phrases utilized in texting (i.e., L.O.L), Bella Vista computer science students know that similar condensed numbers and phrases help in the development of software.

Throughout his modernized lessons, Mois aims to teach his students the value of their trade. More importantly, he hopes to build their understanding of how computers function in everyday situations over the course of the pathway.

“One of the biggest demands of the future is going to be in computing,” said Mois.

Freshman Max Diab, a computer science pathway student, recites a similar ideology of the future, claiming that everybody will be using computer technology. Even for his own future, Diab makes connections between the Computer Science CTE pathway and his career.

“That’s why I was interested in taking a computer based [class] option,” said Diab. “I really want to start right now so I can develop over time and be able to do it when I get older.”

Next school year, Bella Vista High School is hopeful to begin an introductory course to the Computer Science Pathway.

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