Mira Loma's networking and cybersecurity pathway

Student working on computer with worksheet High schools throughout San Juan Unified offer Career Technical Education (CTE) programs to students. These courses provide hands-on, unpaid training that is designed to prepare them for life after graduation with entry-level, marketable skills.


At Mira Loma High School, students enrolled in the Networking and Cybersecurity pathway are learning the tools of their trade and preparing for a future in cybersecurity. In the Introduction to Computer Science class, students gain hands-on training focused on coding and website creation.


“If you are interested in how the internet works and coding, I’d recommend this program,” said Behzad Dominic, a sophomore at Mira Loma.


The CTE program offers introductory courses for those who are new to computer science or skilled individuals who would like to relearn the basics. Dominic had no prior experience or knowledge of how computers and binary codes affected the internet and its safety before entering the program.


The students have high praise for their teacher, Josh Stinson, and note the way Stinson makes all of his students feel included no matter what their skill levels are. Some students even said the best thing about the program was Stinson’s way of teaching.


“I’ve had a few times where I had to come back in and he re-explains it in a different way,” said Elissa Potter, a junior in the pathway.


While students learn things like binary code, resolution and IP address in the CTE program, Stinson believes students are learning more problem-solving skills which are affecting how they look at other problems in their lives.


“The future of technology isn’t going to be just learning how to code but using that code to solve a problem,” said Stinson.


By the end of their high school careers, students enrolled in the CTE program will graduate with a certificate in cybersecurity, allowing many of them to work in the information technology field straight from high school.

Learn more about San Juan Unified’s CTE programs at www.sanjuan.edu/CTE