Student working on car High schools throughout San Juan Unified offer Career Technical Education (CTE) programs to students. These courses provide hands-on, unpaid training that is designed to prepare them for life after graduation with entry-level, marketable skills.

At Casa Roble Fundamental High School, students are given the opportunity to develop skills and get hands-on experience with the automotive industry. Throughout the school year, San Juan Unified students are able to learn and practice their skills in mechanics at Casa Roble’s Automotive Technology Pathway.

Students learn basic mechanic skills like changing tires, brake and oil. Additionally, advanced students are gaining internships at car dealerships like Subaru and are being hired on at companies like American Tires.

“I joined because I bought a 1971 Ford F100 pickup and it needed a lot of work,” said Joshua Cox, a senior at Casa Roble. Through his time with the pathway, Cox is almost done with restoring his car.

In October 2018, Casa Roble’s Automotive Technology pathway was named one of the top 20 school programs by WIX Filters and O’Reilly Auto Parts. They earned this title out of 221 nominations across 91 schools in the country. 

“Our class definitely deserves it,” said August Hagen, a senior from Bella Vista High School who participates in the pathway. “I feel like we work harder than other schools around us.” 

Mitchell Crowden, an automotive instructor, feels proud of his students for taking the lead and wanting to participate in the competition. 

“We all love cars in one way or another and that's why we are all here together,” said Crowden.

“It’s a big privilege to be here,” said Naomi Quirartee, a junior from Del Campo High School. “I was always interested in cars so I was interested in this program.”

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